What is Flexsim?
  •  software that can build models before creating the actual system, to lower risk It can also be utilized in conjunction with different design jobs. FlexSim is a program that can compute and display 3D simulations.


What kind of industrial models can be created?
  • Manufacturing System
  • Material Handling System
  • Warehousing System
  • Transportation System
  • Healthcare System


Can the Mac OS operating system be used with Flexsim?
  • FlexSim can only run on Windows because it needs a graphics card and RAM to function. If somebody wants to utilize Flexsim, they may need to download Parallels, which lets them use Windows on a Mac.


Can the application replicate movements and build 3D models?
  • able to mimic movement along the X, Y, and Z axes. 
  • can replicate both object and human movement.


How to get the application and basic usage instructions


Will it come with instruction on how to use it?
  • You can follow Flexsim Thailand on Facebook.


How does Flexsim assist?
    • reduces expenses while improving strategies. Or enhance something that already exists by building on it. Or develop something new to test the system's capabilities before making a real investment.


Inquire about the costs of training, licenses, program formats, and flexsim.
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Is the software challenging to use? How long does it take to learn the program? Who is it appropriate for?


Are there any prerequisites I should know before using the program ? Or what sort of necessities ought to be provided?
  • Should have engineering experience


Are the program's computer system requirements onerous?


Does the program have a method in place to protect your data?
  • 99% of data is protected by a security protection mechanism.


How can I model and work with external data and devices?
  • There are databage and emulation tools for linking with external devices.


Are there many users and who are they both in Thailand and abroad?

Users can be found everywhere. both inside and outside of the nation 


Can I create both 2D and 3D drawings?
  • Can't write since it's a simulation program that lets users independently import 3D and 2D models rather than a drafting program. (From producing using other writing tools)


Can the strength of materials be simulated ?
  • Flexsim focuses on simulation with system runtimes for various outputs, hence this is not  achievable. Most appropriate